Let our pack help yours.

Titan Contracting, part of GrayWolf Industrial, recognizes that many businesses are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Harvey. More importantly, many families are still picking up the pieces.

While you and your pack worry about your families, let us worry about your business.

Plant Recovery Specialists

We provide emergency services to bring your facilities back online and relieve your onsite burdens.

Service for largescale fabrication and other industrial facilities

Resources available outside of Houston and affected areas

Emergency craftsmen on call

Our expedited turnaround capabilities will have your plant back online and running smoothly. And our commitment to quality will ensure the safety and security of your business long term.

For more information, contact Taylor Tribble at 
832-833-3113 or ttribble@titancontracting.com.

11800 Fairmont Parkway
LaPorte, TX 77571