Training Programs

Learning is a process, not a project

GrayWolf Industrial is committed to the continual improvement of our craft employees’ knowledge and skill level. Both new and experienced employees go through rigorous and regular training through our comprehensive and competitive programs.

We have both union and non-union business units. To learn more about the training and apprenticeship opportunities through our union entity, Milco National Constructors, contact them directly.

We are an NCCER Accredited Training Unit and an Accredited Assessment Center. Our training center features:

  • 25 welding booths
  • Mobile testing facility with seven fully-equipped booths
  • Technologically-equipped lecture room


We build a culture of safety at GrayWolf through strong safety training and policies. We provide our employees with the tools and skills to make the right decisions.

Our safety training program covers:

  • OSHA & MSHA compliance training
  • First aid & CPR
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Marine training
  • Switchyard training
  • Equipment operator training
  • Hazard communication
  • Substance abuse

Learn more about our commitment to safety.


With our new welder program, students complete 400 hours of welding education and training. As incentive, we pay these craftsmen while they learn. Upon completion of this program, graduates are qualified as entry-level welders and fabricators and are ready to work on challenging projects.

Our training program features:

  • ASME code welding techniques
  • Welding theory
  • Practical application
  • Blueprint reading
  • Rigging
  • Technological tools
  • Exotic materials
  • In-house non-destructive examination (NDE)
  • Certifications


Our other training initiatives focus on continuing the education of more experienced staff. Our seasoned welders train to sharpen their skills and keep up with shifting industry practices.


Our boilermaker apprentices are trained using an approved Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship program sponsored by Associated Builders and Contractors in Indiana and Kentucky. This four-year program utilizes a both theoretical and practical approach combining NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) with 6,000 hours of on-the job learning under the supervision of a seasoned worker. Competency-based, task-oriented instruction gives apprentices a strong foundation to be outstanding in their field.


GrayWolf is committed to the future of the welding industry and works closely with local educational institutions to ensure the advanced education of welders in the local area. Each year, we host a welding competition with local high schools and area technology centers within the tristate region of Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. High school students in the community can also take up welding three days each week through our college-accredited welding course.

To get involved, visit our careers page.